Sue Deutscher is a strong writer with a keen eye for detail. She has worked with words for over twenty-five years. As a writer, editor and learning designer she has worked for a wide range of industries. Sue now offers the following services.

Checks accuracy, clarity and consistency of a document. It does not involve substantial rewriting.

Checks the structure, content, language, style and presentation of a document. May involve substantial rewriting.

Checks that a document is ready to publish. Makes sure that:​

  • all elements are included and in the proper order

  • all amendments have been inserted

  • the house or other set style has been followed

  • all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors have been amended.

Can involve:

  • Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to identify the content that needs to be learnt.

  • Developing learning outcomes or unpacking competencies.

  • Developing assessment activities to measure learning.

  • Mapping content and assessment to assessment criteria,  and required knowledge and skills.

  • Revising and rewriting existing content to shape it for learning needs.

  • Adapting instructional materials created for one format to another.



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