Sue provided invaluable support when writing a large, complex international tender. Her ability to review, assess and break down the essence of the tender and help frame a constructive response that would meet the scope of work, but also read in a fluid, informative and innovative manner, was key to the success of this bid.

Michelle - Manager, Educational Institution

Thank you, Sue for unravelling the mess! You showed an alternative to my current way of thinking and this helped me to write. By planning and organising the overall structure, I was able to crystallise what I wanted to say. By thinking clearly, I was able to write more clearly, and find the links between concepts and ideas.

Lisa Ann - PHD Student

Writing well is an essential life skill. Sue provided direct, constructive ideas with a supportive and inspirational style that was ideal for an adult learner. Many of the concepts seemed simple however applying them to my writing has been an exciting challenge. Thank you, Sue, for opening my eyes and my mind.

Rowan - Medical Professional

Our project recently engaged Sue to structure and edit a large complex report. Our writers were not only impressed with the outcome but Sue's collaborative approach and willingness to pass on her knowledge. In fact, we arranged a follow-up training session with Sue for our whole team. I would recommend her to any of my colleagues.

Peter - Manager, Government Department

Sue helped my team to compose a large technical document. We were impressed with her collaborative approach. Her support and advice throughout the process was extremely beneficial and we ended up with a wonderful product as well as significantly improved writing and editing skills. 

Joanna - Government Officer

Sue Deutscher is a highly experienced editor. She is skilled in working with written pieces, understanding the author’s intentions and reframing the work to ensure it is clear and unambiguous. She has given me an enormous respect for the power of the written language.

Nuala - Management Consultant

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